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Poker Tips and Tricks: Know Your Opponent

Know Your Opponent

At a brick and mortar poker table, like you will find in a casino, it is harder to pick and choose your table the way you can online. Normally your name goes on a list, and when its time to play you are assigned a spot at whatever table has an empty seat and room for your poker chips. In this type of scenario, try and play relatively tight for the first hour or so. Observe the players at your table, and try to answer a few of the follow questions:

1. What type of players am I up against?

2. Are they tight or loose, aggressive of passive?

3. Do they bluff? (example; do they check raise with top pair, or check the nuts until the river?)

4. Will they ever limp it with kings or aces?

5. Will the chase the flush until the river?

All of these characteristics of your opponents play are extremely important to gauge before getting involved in a high stakes game. If you know how your adversary plays certain hands, than you will be able to out play him/her much easier.

Remember to keep detailed records of your opponent’s play, especially if you are playing online. It is great when you have notes to reference when questioning an all in call, and your notes tell you he is a fish that always bluffs. Also keep detailed records of your wins and losses. Manage your play as if you were a business.

In todays world of poker, players are treating themselves and their game like it is a busines. By keeping detailed records of your progress, you will see trends emerge in what games and situations you do best, and soon you will be able to better capitalize on opportunities at the table.

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