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Poker Tips and Tricks: Top Ten Poker Tips

Ten Tips to Improve Your Game

10) Thank the gods: If you’re opponents are obviously inexperienced, or playing very poorly and seem helpless, than this is where you want to be! Maximize your good fortune and exploit their weaknesses.

9) Adjust to the tables flow: If the table is playing very tight, start bluffing more. If the table is playing too loose, maximize value by raising with medium and strong hands.

8) Attack the blinds: When the blinds are playing too tight, take advantage by raising the blinds from late position, either the button or the cut-off position.

7) Socializing: If you must socialize at the table, be sure to make friends with players who act before you, but never with players who act after you. Players acting before you are in a positional advantage on you so make nice, so they will feel bad to steal your blinds.

6) Borderline betting hands: When considering a bet or raise with a borderline hand, consider what type of player acts after you. If he or she is a frequent bluffer, it is usually more profitable to check and call.

5) Avoid fancy play: Avoid fancy play to try to impress weaker players. Since most inexperienced players don’t know the game well enough to recognize a fancy play to begin with, play solid poker instead and impress them with your massive poker chip count.

4) Value betting: Avoid betting for value when you are loosing and short stacked. When you are short stacked, bet to win the hand right there.

3) Slow play: When you are holding the nuts against two or three players, try slow playing your hand, especially against frequent bluffing.

2) Bluffing: Only bluff into a pot that is worth winning. There is no point risking $100 in order to win $20, unless you are a massive chip leader and are doing it to intimidate your opponents.

1) Know your table image: Make sure that you know how your opponents perceive your play. You may think that you are playing tight, when you’re opponents think that you are loose. Too pull winning moves successfully; you need to know how you are perceived at the poker table.

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